Stories in Rogues – “Now Showing” by Connie Willis

If you knew me personally, and had to guess whether or not I would enjoy a story about a college-age girl going to the movies, in the future, with her girlfriends–and the primary goal of the main being not to keep her friends from being sidetracked by scorching guys–you’d probably give that one a quick no. But what do you think happened?

I give it a big, “uhhh, yeah!” in my best valley girl impression. In all seriousness, it is instantly obvious that Willis has a powerful command over her craft. She sets up the scenario, the characters, draws you in, and it almost doesn’t matter that it’s about these girls, in a giant theater, in the future, texting, and talking about scorching dudes … somehow, you want Lindsay to see this damn movie, and you “ugh” in your head when the bastard Jack Weaver shows up. Figures he’d show up, right? Am I right?

Once again, a story set in the modern, or near-future setting appealed to me more easily than the fantasy settings. This being increasingly surprising, as Song of Ice, The First Law, Kingkiller, and Dragonlance Chronicles are among my favorites of all time … *shrugs*

While I feel this story goes slightly off the rails with the premise, once it is finally revealed, it was an entertaining read nonetheless. Read it. Don’t skip it!





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