Stories in Rogues – “Provenance” by David W. Ball

I enjoyed David W. Ball’s introduction more than I did this story. I got the impression that this story was going to be rich with details, maybe in a historical-narrative style, and thoroughly researched. Indeed, this tale about an old art dealer is exactly all of those things. 

The problems is that it’s a drone fest. There are some redeeming qualities, though. Learning about the character running the mega church was interesting. Some of the details about the Nazi’s and World War II were definitely interesting, but it was difficult to care. Even when the con was revealed, I didn’t really care. I found myself wanting this to be over.

I didn’t see the twist coming, and when it came I shrugged. That isn’t to say others might not really like this one. It just wasn’t for me. If you’re fine with virtually no action, and limited dialogue, but really like thoroughly researched details, and carefully woven timelines over the course of decades, then you might enjoy this story quite a bit. Otherwise: skip this one.





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