The Addendum — Race Profile: Kecce

The Kecce are another race of people in Fugit’s unique world setting.

The previous Race Profile was for the Vell. And while the Vell are somewhat similar to humans in their appearance and basic characteristics, the Kecce are much different, more bestial, more terrifying.

Basic profile:

  • Race: Kecce
    • pronounced like KECK-SAY. Add an “an” to show attribution (e.g., A Keccean vessel).
  • Shape and gate: bipedal, brawny, very tall (7-9′), walks upright on two legs most of the time but will switch to all fours on occasion if increased dexterity is required, or they want to intimidate.
  • Lifespan: ~140 years
  • Intelligence: High
  • Predominance: Moderate to High. The Kecce have evolved on numerous planets / systems, like many of the other races, but don’t typically hold positions of high political power when mixed race scenarios are involved.
  • Tech-level: Various
  • Appearance: A Kecce towers over many of the intelligent races when it stands on its legs. Males and females appear very different from each other, but do share some common traits. Both have bovine features on the head (imagine a minotaur) are largely covered in short-haired fur and both grow cranial horns, joint horns (but their size and shape differ greatly), and claws on both hands and feet (although some trim the claws for various reasons).
    • Females are typically shorter and less muscular. Their facial features are more delicate, refined, and more closely resemble that of the common human than the common bovine. Their torso and face are free of fur, smooth dark skin is visible, and they grow large flowing manes of hair. They have two breasts for feeding their young on their chest, similar to that of the common human. Cranial horns are petite, barely bumps on the front of the forehead.
    • Males are massive and brawny. They are completely covered in short-haired fur, save for their naked face (snout / neck beards are common). If unaccustomed to dealing with Kecce, the mere sight can be intimidating to the point of terror. Depending on genetic purity, cranial horns can grow to large proportions: 16-28″ inches for a mature male (Two symmetric horns with smooth gradual curves indicates a pure, high quality breed. Asymmetric, twisting, or otherwise ragged horns typically indicate poor genetic makeup or a lesser station.)
  • Notable characteristic: When a male Kecce speaks, it’s guttural, rhythmic, and full of strange clicks and smacks. Male voices are typically deep and gritty. Female Kecce speak similar to a Vell (there is much historical dispute about why this is). Their voices can have a metallic chime, and are extremely pleasing to the ears, musical even.
  • Notable cultural overlaps: Regardless of location or culture, virtually all Kecce are musically inclined. Keccean music is characterized by baffling time signatures, challenging rhythms, and tribal instrumentation.
  • Interaction: Similar to the common human, Keccean interaction varies greatly depending on region and culture: From docile to peaceful, to belligerent and warlike, however; a prevalent stereotype–frankly, a well deserved one–is that Kecce tend to be belligerent, cunning, deceptive, and warlike people.





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