The Addendum — Race Profile: Vell

The Vell are a race of people in Fugit’s unique world setting.

Posts like this will continue to populate The Addendum as Fugit completes new pieces. These articles will be updated and expanded upon as time goes on. Careful attention will be taken to make sure no spoilers slip through in the process. Below Fugit will reveal the basic profile for the Vellyn race.

Basic profile:

  • Race: Vell
    • pronounced like fell but with a V. Add a “yn” to show attribution (e.g. a technology of Vellyn design)
  • Shape and gate: bipedal, slender, tall, walks upright on two legs. (similar to the common human)
  • Lifespan: ~160 years
  • Intelligence: High
  • Predominance: High. The Vell have evolved on numerous planets / systems and have held roles of various power and influence throughout the dimensions.
  • Tech-level: Various
  • Appearance: At first glance they may appear similar to the common human, but further inspection will reveal a slightly thinner frame, hair with metallic qualities, and gemstone-like eyes: amethyst, ruby, jade, and garnet are all common. They move gracefully and with light feet; so light you may not know a Vell has slipped into the room unless you were lucky enough spot it.
  • Notable characteristic: When a Vell speaks, it’s as if the words oscillate from a vibraphone or marimba that was struck by a soft mallet. Their voice is melodic, warm, and has the tendency to chime like music. When pleased, or meaning to be charming, a Vell can be near-irresistible. Conversely, if a Vell means to be threatening or angry, the timbre of their voice can be maddening.
  • Interaction: Similar to the common human, Vellyn interaction varies greatly depending on region and culture: From docile to peaceful, to belligerent and warlike.





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