Submission Update: Quench Yourself

UPDATE: Fugit reports that “Quench Yourself” is still in the consideration process. He eagerly awaits the chance to update everyone when it sells.

Fugit invites readers to the eastern desert region of Chad, Africa, in a future, post-merger world. It’s been decades since the genocide in darfur began. Yet refugee camps, swollen with tens of thousands of suffering souls, still dot the deadly border between Chad and Sudan.

Mariam lives in the Oure Cassoni refugee camp, along with nearly twenty thousand others. For years she and her friends were forced to assimilate to the terrors of hostile militants, rebels, and even the humanitarian workers sent to help them. Some wondered if this new life was better than the certain death they fled from in Sudan. Mariam knew there was no going back and did what she could to enjoy life.

But after the merger event, everything changed. Strange things started happening. At first the changes were positive, but then quickly turned deadly.

If “Quench Yourself” is published then you’ll get to find out what happens to Mariam when one morning she wakes and finds herself marked.

Stay tuned for an update!


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