Category: Author Stories

  • Christmas Beef Wellington, a Culinary Tale

    So, I made a Christmas Beef Wellington (I’m something of a hobby chef). To see a moderately entertaining graphic comic of the preparation and results, click through! 

  • 300 Seconds – The Birth of a New Chapter

    I needed both hands on the wheel, even though I wanted to hold her hand. Her cries of pain and ritual concentration were too close together for comfort, especially when I know that we’re 19 minutes away from the birthing center–at best. “Don’t worry, hun,” I say to my wife, with a squeeze to her […]

  • Sunshine to my right – The birth of a new perspective

    Sunday (well, some of Monday too). Normally a Sunday is relatively bittersweet. You work the next day, but you have the day off. Sometimes I’d push Sundays to the edge and stay up way too late enjoying myself. But this was not a typical Sunday night. I come to bed, late, about 2 AM. I’m […]