Beats per minute (BPM / Tempo) to Millisecond Delay Calculator

By David V Fugit,

Whether you're using Garageband, Acid, Logic, Pro Tools, CuBase, or any of the other awesome music programs, you're bound to open up one of those effect plugins and see ... the dreaded Millisecond! But all you need is a damned 8th note! Problem solved. David V Fugit is proud to offer this beat per minute (BPM) to millisecond calculator for free to all his visitors. It should be pretty easy to use. Have fun! This calculator is ad-supported, so if you see something that interests you, by all means, click the ad and buy it. It will help keep this app up and free.

Below is the BPM to Millisecond Delay Calculator

Enter the Tempo you're working with, and then press the button below. The delay intervals will automatically populate the interval chart chart [below]

Tempo (in beats per minute / BPM)

Interval Chart
Whole Note
Half Note
Quarter Note
8th Note
16th Note

The (below) values are not needed as often, but you may find a use for them

32nd Note
64th Note
6th Note*
12th Note*
24th Note*
*Not proper notation, but such intervals are used, and are commonly referred to as 6th, 12th, and 24th notes

Graphical Notation
Delay Interval, in Milliseconds
Whole Note
Interval Designation

Learn more about the Tempo to Milliseconds Delay Interval Calculator

How many times have you opened up a digital effects plugin, or stared befuddled at a stomp-box effects pedal, and it is functioning with milliseconds?! Ridiculous, right? I know it has happened to me many times. Now, figuring out the exact milliseconds needed to create an eighth note delay when playing at 145 beats per minute (BPM) is not an incredibly difficult task, but shouldn't there be a quick tool to blast this out?

Yes. There should be, and now there is.

I've needed this tool so many times, that I thought to myself, "You know, it'd be pretty easy to make one. It might take a few hours, but then it will exist forever, for anyone who finds it to use it forever." So here it is. It calculates delay intervals down to the fifth decimal place for precise accuracy when programming digital effect plugins like delay, reverb, chorus, etc ... If you think this tool could be improved upon easily, then just send me an email (you have to go to my science fiction blog for a contact form, sorry ... Link is in the top right navigation.) and I'll try to integrate it!


David V Fugit

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